Our Beginnings



"CheckMyDeals” INDIA’s First Digital Platform Provider, A Place Where You Are Provided Your Digital/Online Platform To Be Digital And To Be A Part of  Digital India  with Your Day-to-day Business Planning And Activities. We Are Providing Digital/Online Platform To Any Kind of Business  Establishment and Public Figuers in India Under CheckMyDeals Platform By Creating Their Own Online Identity Or Professional Page on WEB And Mobile Apps




Our Service Extends to Provide Own Web & Mobile App Platform to Business Establishments around the Country, To Making Their Business Digital/online For Orders and Reservations for Leisure, Medical, Financial, Travel Etc.  We make your Business on Online on Web and Mobile Applications across Varied Sectors like Hotels, Restaurants, Auto Care, Home Decor, Personal and Pet Care, Fitness, Insurance, Real Estate, Sports, Schools, Etc. From All over the Country.


Our 'Online Listing' Feature Gives A Platform To Showcase Your Business On "Online” Platform. You Can Furnish Your Business & Create Business By Spreading Your Information To Your Customer Base Via Phone, SMS, Web & App As Well As, Create A Space For Your Business To Get Experiences Through Our 'Rate & Review' Feature On Your Professional Page. By Being Online With Your Own Customer Base All The Time You Can Spread Your Best Deals, Last Minute Deals, And You Can Make Sure That You Are Offered The Best Bargains In The Market



CheckMyDeals has its humble beginnings.


"It was challenge to think and to start as digital platform provider in a place where Businesses getting Listed on other’s Digital platform to get Digital —Varun Raghuvanshi"


"Business Digitalization is requirement of Business, Some will realize now and some will realize in future because their Clients become Digital —Deepender Pratap"


Awards & Recognition

Our Biggest Reward & Recognition is our acceptance at  market place. CheckMyDeals as a Concept Immediately attracted Businesses with its innovative way to make Their Businesses Digital.



Our Mission & Purpose

We want that India’s every business should have its own digital platform. Where maximum business are not aware that how to get digitalize. We will provide them Easy to use and cost saving Platform.